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Case study:

Launching the Igla product onto the Czech market aka how to get to the Google’s top 4 in 5 months

Project in details:

IGLA is a unique theft-proof car device that was unknown in the Czech Republic. Our task was to make customers familiar with the product and ensure stable sales of this product on the Czech market. How did we succeed?

Creating website that sells

Tvorba responzivního webu

We let people play

Busy hands are happy hands, which applies to websites as well. That is why we built a configurator to the website that is fun for the users and that keeps them on the IGLA website longer. For checking the compatibility if the product is available for their vehicle, the users prefer to send a form. That is an essential aspect with regard to search engine optimization (SEO).

Konfigurátor na podporu online marketingu

We catch their attention

What displays in front of you after you open a website is decisive for the fact whether you stay and continue at that website or you leave it. To reduce the bounce rate, therefore, we introduced a video so that it is obvious to the visitors that they may find out all necessary information from the video much quicker.

Webová stránka nad úrovní monitoru

We explain, how the product
solves their problem

To show the customers why they should pick your product over another one is not an easy task. The best way to explain as much as possible in the shortest amount of time is using a video. Even Google knows it and that is why it started preferring websites with videos. So we made a video that explains all details about the product including its use.

Top 4 on Google in 5 months

Optimalizace pro vyhledávače

The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.

Reviews are the best way to find out if you should give a product a chance yourself. If your customers are happy why not consider showing it to other users, possibly even before they get to your website? Displaying reviews increased the click-through rate of Google search which is an important factor for search engine optimization (SEO).

Výsledek vyhledávání

Recenze v mobilním online marketingu

Up to 300% return on investments (ROI) thanks to video marketing.

We publicize and arouse people’s interest

Thanks to a well-planned strategy of targeting, we approached new customers who had not known the product and we brought them to the website. In case they did not make a purchase during their first visit, we gained their trust gradually using an elaborated remarketing strategy divided into SEE, THINK, DO and CARE phases of the purchasing process.

Online marketing na socialních sítích

We increase the interest using personalization

Following the path of personalization is nowadays the key. Without personalization, a great portion of budget remains ineffective. That is why we specified a precise profile of customers with a need for theft- proof car protection. Based on the actions they perform at the website, we can adjust the advertisement in order to make it interesting and not to display such content to them they have already seen.

Tvorba tiskovin a vizuálu

Customer review



Krejta solutions s.r.o.

I was looking for a reliable partner when introducing the IGLA product to the Czech market who would help us publicize the product at the Czech market. I took care of the online presentation of the company myself at the beginning so I have a little experience. At first I put the guys in charge of small tasks which they managed perfectly. After that I entrusted them with all marketing activities of the company. Not only the guys from KREJTA met our expectations they surpassed them. They managed to lower the prices of click- through rate of the PPC advertisements, create Facebook campaigns in a way they actually work but, what we did not expect at all, they got us into the top Google search results incredibly quickly. To sum it up as long as they stay on course we will continue working with KREJTA.