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How to create
a profitable
e-commerce store?
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Creating an e-commerce store that meets your goals is a process of several steps that will make you succeed. Just having an e-commerce store is nowadays not enough, therefore, when designing an internet shop we are already thinking about its promotion and we create such structures that support successful assertion among competition.

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Determining the goal is crucial. Why should customers make a purchase at your website?

Having a goal to sell more goods sounds appealing but to fulfill it we need to dig deeper to learn about your customers’ needs. Have you ever thought about why you preferred one shop to another? In most cases it was not because of their prices. That shop just caught your interest.

The first step leading to success is to think about what makes you unique and what you want to offer. It may be the possibility to pick up the goods at your subsidiary, the possibility to try the goods out and return it or the privilege of selling Czech products. Such uniqueness can ensure that your customers will remember your brand or recommend it.

Do you know the
activities and methods
of your competition?

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If we want people to remember us we need to distinguish ourselves from the others. By analyzing our competition we gain useful information regarding with what other companies try to get new customers but also what to avoid.

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What words
are the best
to target?

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There is an enormous competition in online world. For certain words it is easier to break through than for other ones. This is true both in PPC advertisement (pay-per-click) as well as in SEO (search engine optimization). A well-chosen structure can save you money you would spend on promotion.

How can your
customers pay?

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Making the purchasing process easier increases the number of successful orders. The main goal here is to make the purchase as easy as possible for the customers at your e-shop using payment methods. Do they prefer to pay by card, bank transfer, in cash at a subsidiary or in cash on delivery? Let’s leave the customers their free will to decide.

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How will you
deliver the goods
to them?

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When shopping online there is a rule that yesterday was already late. The choice of your shipper is decisive not only for the price of shipping or for the time it gets to the customer but if you are selling extra large goods also for the shipper being able to transport your goods in the first place. A careful choice will result in making the customers satisfied.

Where and why
should you export
your products?

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Exporting products from an e-shop to price comparison websites is very popular these days.  By placing your products to Google Market place, Yahoo Shopping or BizRate you can increase the volume of your sales. We need to think over the strategy very carefully, though, so that you don’t end up in a price war.

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Why are design
and layout important?

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We gain trust with our looks. If we don’t think an e-shop is trustworthy we leave. The same happens if we don’t find the product we are looking for. Therefore, it is important to make a great first impression and choose such structure that leads customers through products in which they might be interested in.

Why measure
and optimize?

tvorba e-shopu, měření

Human behavior can change as quickly as technology or trends. What was true a year ago may not be true today. Therefore, we need to carefully measure and analyze the behavior of customers and based on the trends we need to take such steps that will keep the users in individual phases of the purchasing process.

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