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tvorba webu, který vydělává

Web development that will attract new customers means more than registering a new web address. Presentation of your company, vision and goals are the key tools when communicating with customers. That is why it is important to understand the needs of your target group correctly.

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Let’s set the goal and lead your way to success.

The most important aspect of success is setting the goal of your journey. What do you want from your customers? It can be, for example, sending the contact form, subscribing to your news or downloading the booklet with your services. There are many options that can be combined as well.

If we have a clearly defined goal the next step is to determine who should fulfill it. We need to closely examine the target group to find out what we can offer. For example, if you provide theft-proof devices for cars your target group is made of car owners and your website should convince them that you will provide safety for their darlings.

How to turn
a visitor into
a customer?

směrování, tvorba webu

If we know the needs of your customers we have to remind them of the needs. We will show them a problem and based on that we will introduce a solution of that problem thanks to your product or service. In case of safety devices we will show them how easy it is to steal a car and, subsequently, guide them to your product that prevents thefts.

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What are your
looking for
and how?

analýza klíčových slov, tvorba webu

By analyzing key words we can gain useful information about what your customers are looking for and how they are looking for it. Such information will not only help us with the SEO (search engine optimization) but also with strategic content proposal. We will give people what they need and they will choose you over your competition (this is how reciprocity works).

How to design
a webpage

struktura, tvorba webu

When we already know what your customers need and how they look for it, it is time to create the website. We have to choose such structure that will lead your customers to your goal. For example we don’t sell in the very first moment on the main page of the web. We introduce a problem and then a solution. We don’t sell products, we sell needs.

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Is your website

SEO, tvorba webu

The SEO (search engine optimization) is nowadays essential. That is why we need to pay attention to the way a search engine perceives your website. The fastness of loading, meta descriptions, adaption of the website for mobile devices and many other aspects create a technical nature of the SEO.

Do we need
and optimizing?

tvorba webu a měření

Time, technology and customers’ needs keep changing. That is why it is necessary to be up to date and constantly measure and optimize. What worked yesterday may not work today. If we have information where you lose your customers we can respond to that.

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