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PPC kampaně

It is very difficult nowadays to success at the market without online advertisement. People are used to looking for services and products online where you can quickly and effectively present your business to them using PPC advertisement (pay-per-click).

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64,6 % people click on Google advertisement before buying the product. (Wordstream, 2016)

The amount of advertisement has increased rapidly during the last years which caused common users of the Internet to basically ignore advertisement. This phenomenon is known as the banner blindness.

Nevertheless, 2 out of 3 people who are looking for a product click on Google advertisement before making a purchase. That is why PPC campaigns still remain one of the most effective channels of promotion.

Do you know what kind
of PPC advertisement is
the best one for you?

PPC kampaně, typy

PPC advertisement can offer many options. The most used one is the search engine ads when we search for something using the so-called key words and that enables us to advertise those specific phrases. In contrast, banner advertisement can be used when creating a brand. Or, using the Google Shopping tool we can directly advertise your products.

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Where does your
“target group”
usually search?


We use various search engines for looking through the Internet such as Google, Bing or Yandex. When creating advertisement, therefore, we always need to know who your target group is. For example, there are very few people at Yandex form Europe while the number of eastern people at Yandex is still very significant.

How to choose a
profitable strategy?

PPC kampaně, strategie

We design a strategy based on the defined goals. If we need to spread the word about your brand we may use banners in combination with video advertisement. If we need to achieve increase in sales we should use remarketing and the search engine ads. Depending on your budget, the best results are achieved by combining both options.

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Are you
familiar with
campaigns’ performance?

PPC kampaně, výkon

Effective advertisement can be profitable for your company. By paying attention to campaigns’ performances, though, we can even boost its effectiveness. Therefore, we have to investigate each campaign in regular time intervals and optimize it based on the results.