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zvýšení návštěvnosti

The time when you created a website or e-commerce store and people were just pouring in is long gone. There is enormous competition on the Internet and only those who make use of the potential of Internet will truly succeed. That is why we help businesses and companies to attract customers and turn them into the loyal ones.

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How can we increase the number of visits?

Using the combination of carefully chosen tactics we can attract numbers of potential customers to your website. Thanks to the PPC advertisement (pay-per-click), for example, people will find you in the moment when they are looking for the service or product and are ready to buy it. The SEO (search engine optimization) will help the clients to find you and you are not paying for it.

Social media help us to address an audience according to our preferences but more importantly, to create a loyal community. Using copywriting and video production we create content that captures people’s attention so that they share it with their friends and people they know. By combining all the available media we are able to increase the number of visits and also easily turn the visitor into the customer.

The more people see
you the more people
you can influence.

zvýšení návštěvnosti proč

Do you know the percentage of your visitors who actually buy something or otherwise meet your goal? Building on that we can determine how much can an increase in the number of visits mean to you and set the strategy to meet your goals right. However, two different visits do not need to be equally beneficial. That is why we always try to attract only the most relevant audience.

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