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The way your customers feel in the moment they open your website, see your logo, business cards or banners is created by your visual identity. A well-designed visual identity of a company communicates the values the company represents and provokes feelings that will make the customers choose you over your competition.

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Your brand makes the first impression on your customers.
Do not scare them off.

With our sight we perceive up to 85 % of all information from our surroundings and we have only one chance to make a great first impression. The impression your brand leaves plays an important role in the decision making process of your customers. Therefore, it is important that your corporate identity highlights the values of your company and communicates the right emotions.

Consistent presentation across the channels enables the customers to make associations with your product. We design websites, logos, business cards, advertisement banners and posters in accordance with a corporate identity which makes it easier for your customers to remember you and choose your service or product.

Do you know your
target group?

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The first step to successful creation of a corporate identity is to determine who is your customer, who buys your products and services and whether who buys it also uses it. A typical example may be bikes for children. It is a parent who buys it but it is a child who needs to like it. Therefore, their identity has to influence both children and parents.

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What impression
do you want to
make on your

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The way you are and why you do what you do should be visible from your visual identity. Correctly communicated information will not only help you get customers with similar values but also strengthen loyalty of your current customers.

What feelings
do you want your
brand to evoke?

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Different graphic elements can evoke different feelings. For example angular shapes are preferred among men and in contrast, women prefer round shapes. Various colors evoke various emotions, too. For example blue color induces trust and is more popular among men. When designing a corporate identity we must select its each and every aspect very carefully.

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