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marketing na sociálních sítích

Social media are nowadays more than a tool for keeping an eye on your neighbor's holiday and competing for the nicest photo of a meal you did not even cook. Social networks create an environment which can be used to help companies, businesses and small businessmen grow. It is a place where you may loosen your tie, spread the word about your brand and build relationships with potential customers without any seriousness.

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Up to 79 % of all online people use Facebook. (Pew Research Center, 2016)

The uniqueness of Facebook is in information, data and actions that we share and perform on it or elsewhere. In good hands, such information is gold.

Whether you sell hand-made backpacks or want to promote your coffee bar we will effectively help you to aim at those customers on Facebook who are likely to make a purchase from you or have a latte at your place.

Do you know
who to aim at?

cílení v marketingu na sociálních sítích

Your customers are out there somewhere and they want to be approached. Therefore, it is important to know whether your customer is a 43-year-old man from Brno interested in cars or a 32-year-old model interested in fashion. It only depends on the fact whether you sell theft-proof devices for cars or women clothes. Knowing who to aim your advertisement at is one of the first and the most crucial steps in creating marketing strategy and its negligence does not pay – literally.

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What content
will interest
your audience?

oblíbenost v Marketingu na sociálních sítích

It is necessary to tailor the advertisement’s content and form according to the target group. The important thing is to come up with a strategy that is unique for the audience in question. Let’s take sellers of joint supplements as an example. Their potential customers would be sportsmen, elderly and people suffering from various joint problems. Would it be effective to aim with the same advertisement at these three target groups? Each audience group has its characteristics and its own needs even if they share the interest in the product.

How to choose a
profitable strategy?

zamířit marketing na sociálních sítích

To figure out which strategy is the most effective one and how to lead customers through the purchasing process so that he eventually perform the desired action is not an easy task. If the potential customers don’t know your product yet they need to be informed about it. If they visit your website and leave without making a purchase they need to be captivated again. If they leave in the middle of purchasing process they need to believe they made a mistake.

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Do you know the
campaigns’ performance?

měření marketingu na sociálních sítích

We regularly analyze all outcomes and numbers and optimize the campaigns on their basis. The statistics gained from Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or other analytic tools are worthless unless there is someone who knows how to read them. The numbers let us know what we did well and what we have to work on.