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Well-composed texts may decide whether customers will choose you over your competition. You only have 5 seconds to catch your customers’ attention. That is why we have to give them exactly what they need in a form that will captivate them, thus, make the whole purchasing process easier for them.

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We read differently on the Internet than from a book and
we need to take that into account.

Have you ever thought about how we search through websites when looking for a specific piece of information? In most cases, we just skip from one webpage to another and scan with our eyes the information related to that subject. If we find the clue, we continue reading that text. If we don’t, we leave.

A well-composed text can turn a visitor into a customer. To make this happen we need to compose a text that is as comprehensible as possible for the visitors with well-chosen clues. That is why the most important aspect of texts when creating websites and advertisements is to know for whom we are writing it.

Why should visitors
spend time at
your website?

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Time is the most valuable asset and everyone only has a limited amount of it. It is necessary to tailor the content to the target group’s needs. Give people what they desire and they will reward you. That is why we have to adjust the content to the interests and needs of your customers. For example, in case you sell theft-proof products inform your customers about how to prevent their cars from being stolen, which methods thieves use and how to prevent them.

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Does the search engine know
what you write about?

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To write a text that is comprehensible for search engines is called SEO copywriting. If we want your customers to find you on Google, Seznam, Bing or other search engines, we have to use key words in the texts that are searched by the target group. More importantly, however, we need to ensure the texts are beneficial for its readers and then focus on search engine optimization.

What key words
are your customers
looking for?

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The important thing here is to know who your customers are and what they are looking for. An analysis of key words will provide you with a stepping stone to creating a high-quality content strategy. Have you ever clicked on advertisement that caught your attention but its content disappointed you afterwards? Give people what they want. A well-targeted text increases the sales.

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Do you lead
your customers
towards the target?

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To lead your customers towards the target is one of the most essential steps. A writer never gives the murderer’s name away in the first chapter of the book – on the contrary, a writer gradually reveals the story. The same applies for sales texts. For example when selling products you should first introduce a problem that product can solve and then show how to solve it. In business terminology we call this find a need and fill the need.