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optimalizace pro vyhledávače

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a group of activities leading to increase in sales from organic search results. Improving your position on the list of websites in search engines is often not enough for customers to click on it or to make a purchase.

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We don’t optimize just for search engines.
We optimize for people.

Google and other search engines have their algorithms with which they evaluate relevance of a website even before displaying it to you. There are a number of factors that decide whether your webpage will be shown among the results. Its technical qualities (fastness, content structure, https protocol a many others) are one of them.

Authority and trust of your website demonstrated by backlinks and content related to the topics you want to be displayed under create a far more essential part of the SEO. Search engines give priority to the best content they are able to offer. That is why it is important to provide content people are interested in, search engines will notice that.

Do you know which
key words are the
most appropriate
for you?

analýza klíčových slov

The key word analysis is one of the first steps in search engine optimization. It is important to find out what words do your customers search for and what are the search volume and competition for the given phrase. It may be easier to get to the list using less competitive search words or search phrases but a more specific phrase will more likely end up with making a purchase.

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Is your website

přátelskost optimalizace pro vyhledávače

What is important for us visitors is also important for the search engines. We discover whether we are in the right place based on the titles which we notice as the first thing. Another factor that can decide if we stay or not, is how fast the website is loading. An interesting title or caption of a website in the search engine catches our attention and makes us click on it. All this is noticed and evaluated by the search engine.

Does the search
engine perceive you
as an authority?

autorita optimalizace pro vyhledávače

When writing a technical article we state our sources that we are building on. The best sources usually contain a lot of backlinks. That is why links to related websites are so important for all search engines.

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How long does
the SEO take?

trvání optimalizace pro vyhledávače

Search engine optimization basically never ends. The algorithms keep changing and what was true yesterday may not be true today. You can imagine the SEO as a marathon where you either try to overtake you opponent or to stay ahead of the others. An ideal interval after which you can see the results is one year.

Can we measure
the results and
return on

mněření optimalizace pro vyhledávače

Not only we can do it but we have to do it. From measuring, we obtain valuable information about whether the planned strategy works and brings us the desired results and which step had the biggest influence on the profitability. Based on such information, we are once again able to implement a successful strategy.

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