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Case study:

B2B marketing campaign for Damedis

Project in details:

Damedis specializes in retail and wholesale of office equipment and supplies in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Damedis asked us for help in promoting their B2B printer rental service on the Czech market. Take a look at the result.

Printer rental service for small and large businesses

Let the customer choose what he needs

When a website for B2B marketing is being designed, the user needs to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. If he doesn’t reach what he wants, he will seek your competitors. That’s why we’ve implemented to the website a printer parameter selection component, that could engage a potential customer the most. This makes it easy to select the printer a customer needs.

B2B marketing responsive webdesign
B2B marketing selector

Do you want to make your selection easier? Try Chatbot!

If the customer doesn’t know which parameters are important for him, he can use the chatbot. It will guide you through the printer selection process and at the end recommend the most suitable device. However, if the printer doesn’t suit the visitor, he can contact the expert directly in the chat, to help him choose.

B2B marketing chatbot

Stay close to your customers

Damedis has several representatives in large Czech cities, so we decided to create landing pages for each city separately. This helps to rank better in local searches. Customers can also contact directly the responsible person in their region.

B2B marketing map

An easy way to help your customers

In this step, we used a configurator, which is a kind of questionnaire used to determine which printer a customer should borrow from us. Configurator is therefore the quickest and easiest way to ask the customer what he needs to know. After filling in, the user will find out what his printing savings will be (in case of renting our printer) and then he can compare it to his current possibilities. The further the customer gets in this questionnaire, the more likely it is that he will send the it at the end. And if he doesn’t send it? Then we use remarketing to remind us.

B2B marketing questionnair

Show why the customer should choose you

Why a customer should give you priority over the competition, is one of the most important questions, which you have to answer to the hesitant customer. That’s the reason, why we show your benefits in a remarketing campaign when your website goals are reached.

B2B marketing social media content

Customer review

Barbora Došková

Product Manager


Krejta solutions s.r.o.

We invited Krejta to a web design tender for a separate project. The company gained our trust for understanding of the assignment, good estimation, original ideas and great flexibility. The project was completed on time, and even with functionalities that offer something more than we originally expected.