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Case study:

437% more orders for dental hygiene thanks to SEO

Project detail:

A bright smile is the most beautiful fashion accessory! One of our regular clients, Dentálna zubná hygiena Žilina, is driven by this motto. Its offer includes services such as whitening, air-flow, tooth sealing and more.

The competition is relentless these days, and that is why Ľubomír Kompas turned to us with a request to increase the visibility of his clinic’s website. Look how we handled it!

What was our goal?


increase in organic traffic


increase in orders

365 days

of cooperation in one year

Quality optimization is half of the battle

The original Kompas website came into our hands as an almost blank sheet of paper. There was some text and a few graphic elements, but due to a lack of optimization, the search engines had no idea about the site. Because of that, we had to start from scratch. First, we did a complete keyword analysis to find out what terms the clients use while looking for services related to dental hygiene.

We changed the website from the bottom to the top

As soon as we found the right keywords, we started to optimize. And we did it until the very last detail. We did not only rewrite all the text, meta tags and titles. The images did not escape our attention either. Each dental service has earned its landing page, which clearly and comprehensibly explains to potential customers what the given procedure includes. We also tuned the design of the website down to the last detail, so that it creates a welcoming and holistic impression.

Accurate measurement of orders? No problem

The crucial moment was the modification of the booking system, which enables accurate measurement of conversions using Google Analytics. The system is intuitive and easy to use and it enables fast ordering, which saves time for both dentists and customers. And just like that the long phone calls are gone.

Kompas has emerged from anonymity

Our work is far beyond the website itself. We turned our attention outwards. We worked on link-building to increase the website ́s credibility and attract new visitors. We linked the website with strong domains.

The presentation of the company on Google My Business was also completely updated. We filled in all the important data, added attractive photos and started collecting reviews. The statistics speak clearly. More than 90% of new customers read reviews before they even show interest in the services.

We aimed for the top positions on Google

We saw the results very early. Kompas quickly ranked first in the search results for the keywords like dental hygiene or dental care within a radius of a few kilometres from the ambulance. Just one month after the cooperation started, the orders increased by 100%. A year later, the increase in orders exceeded 437%!

Our results in a nutshell


demand increase in the first year


website visitors per day


increase in orders in 2 years

Customer reference

Ľubomír Kompas



Krejta solutions s.r.o.

Krejta company went out of its way to meet our expectations and prepared a special tailor-made plan for us. We needed to increase competitiveness in the region on the web and thus attract new customers. The results arrived after less than two months. I recommend.