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Case study:

Creating online store for an investment gallery based in New York

Project in details:

The ArtInvest engages in investment art business in the United States of America, with their main representation being based in New York. The director of this company, Mr. Petr Zahraj, approached us one day with a request to create an e-shop and a new identity of their gallery for them.

Let the real artists shine

Responzivní Eshop

Simple design of the website

During designing we followed the rule that beauty lies in simplicity. All paintings from these artists are amazing colorful works which we wanted to let shine. That is why we designed mostly all the website features to be in black and white, only accompanied by the colors of these artworks.

Tvorba designu Eshopu

Quick orientation

Since there are numbers of various artists presented at the website it was important that the customers could quickly select their favorite artist from whom they would like to buy the investment art, filter out the paintings from that specific author, ask for a price offer and then invest.

Tvorba stránky autora

Story sells and this applies especially in art

Authors become famous in particular because of their life stories and experience. That is why the page with autobiographies is one of the first things we wanted the visitors to see. When they know what the authors wanted to express it is much easier to fall for their artwork.

Produktová stránka

Designing the logo and visual identity

Vizualní identita eshopu
Logo na obchodu
Tvorba magazínu
tvorba loga pro galerii

Customer review

Petr Zahraj

CEO ARTinvest


Krejta solutions s.r.o.

I have only great experience with Krejta solutions s.r.o. I have been cooperating with this company for a long time and everything turned out exactly how I wanted it. I especially appreciate their creative approach and ideas to solve technical and design changes and my requirements. Our communication has been wonderful so far as they always carry out the changes and requirements right away without unnecessary delay. They always try to meet you halfway and find the best way to reach the goal. Thanks to all these factors we have had amazing response on the website from our clients in New York. The website is well arranged, quick and it works great. I can only recommend the cooperation with Krejta solutions s.r.o., there is no way it could not work. Thank you so much for the cooperation.