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Case study:

Designing the most successful fitness website in Slovakia

Project in details:

Fitclan is an online journal about fitness and healthy life style which helps its readers to achieve their goals. The founder of Fitclan, Mr. Simon, approached us with a request to create a platform enabling fast, easy and transparent delivery of its content to the fans.

High-quality content is the key to success

Tvorba responzivního webu

Showing the most important

Once there are visitors at our website we only have 5 seconds or less to catch their attention. If they are not interested they leave. That is why it is important to show the visitors the best and the most popular articles right away on their journey through your website.

Tvorba webové stránky

Navigating to the goal

The goal of many fitness web readers is to have their dream body or lifestyle. Therefore, you need to show them there is a possibility of professional services provided by experienced trainers at Fitclan regarding advices about nutrition and creating a training program.

Responzivní zobrazení webu

Over 84% of all visits are made via cell phones and tablets

Cell phones are an inseparable part of our lives now. That is why we obviously need to create websites adjusted for mobile devices as well. As for Fitclan, cell phones are responsible for the most significant part of all views of the website. This trend is rising and in the future, it will be the most popular and used way of reading on the Internet

You cannot build online community without the offline

Reference na webu

Photo reports for those who missed it

Fitclan seminars create an essential part of the whole brand and they are getting more popular every day. That is why it is important to show the fans the atmosphere of events in their own section where they can be stored all together.

Recenze na webu

Reviews from those who were there

In case the users are considering using your services, participating in an event or buying a product the reviews help your customer decide. It is incredibly important to show reviews from those customers who have already used your services to make the decision making process of others quicker.

Creating online store for the fans

Produktové stránky Eshopu

Customer review

Simon Kopunec



Krejta solutions s.r.o.

I have been working with KREJTA solutions s.r.o. for approximately a year now (on websites) and I can say our cooperation has been very positive and pleasant so far. As for the technology and design, there always was a connection of ideas in the framework of outcome so that the solutions were prepared to my full satisfaction. Our communication is great, execution of desired changes and news on the website is prompt, as have also been all their solutions to unexpected problems/bugs. I hope it will remain like this as I am very happy so far, thank you. If someone asks me for my recommendation in this field, I can surely recommend them Krejta.