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Case study:

Year-over-year increase in conversions of 251%

Project in details:

DAMACOM deals with assembly of security systems in households, companies, flats and residential areas. Mr. Šenk, DAMACOM’s executive director, turned to us with a wish to make their website over and to make the current online promotion more effective. Look how we succeeded.

Personalization works wonders.

Tvorba responzivního webu

Trust is the key to successful cooperation.

In case of securing your property and inviting the executive director of the company you approached to your home, trust is incredibly important. That is why we had to personalize the website so that the visitors can see who is about to visit their home. We are always happier when we see the face of the person we communicate with.

Call to action

Heading to the right direction is important.

Don’t you just hate being lost, not knowing where to go? Everyone welcomes a helping hand. Designing a website works the same way. That is why we make it easier for the visitors to get a non-binding consultation during which they can get all the necessary information from experienced professionals.

Tvorba kontaktní stránky

170% increase in the number of sent forms

One of the things that were missing at this website was a contact form and an explanation what the clients will get as a reward in case of being interested or sending a contact form. By implementing these changes we achieved an increase in sent forms of amazing 170%.

90% increase in sending of contact forms from organic searches.

Optimalizace pro vyhledávače

Improving the position on the list of relevant search phrases.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key factor for many businesses such as the security business. Thanks to search engine optimization, increasing the number of visits and other steps DAMACOM made it to the first page of Google search engine results for phrases such as “camera systems Brno”, “security systems Brno” and more.

Tvorba facebook kampaní

We arouse interest by personalization.

To arouse interest is rather difficult nowadays. By making customers’ persona we get much more information about their interests and, therefore, we can recommend the content they will be interested in. As for the securing of houses, for example, we focused our advertisement on Facebook at dog owners.

Tvorba facebook kampaní

Customer review



Krejta solutions s.r.o.

I was looking for a reliable partner for our company who would help us with promotion on the Internet. Based on the recommendation from my colleague I got in touch with KREJTA. At first I put them in charge of several small tasks. After there were desired results I entrusted them with the whole promotion. It has been a year now since we started working with KREJTA. We meet on regular basis and discuss where and how can we get even further and what to improve and, as a result, we managed to double the demand for our products. I can only recommend KREJTA.